Notes on standalone Airbyte API server deprecation

As of 6/14/2024, the Airbyte API server used by OSS users will be deprecated and removed from the codebase.

All Airbyte API endpoints will be merged into the airbyte-server and will be accessible from there.

The minimum version to take advantage of this is

For Cloud users

No required action, this upgrade has already been performed transparently and the existing URL for will continue to work.

For OSS users

Users should ensure they are making requests to the airbyte-server pod at the path /api/public/v1/{resource}. This change can be made at any time until the release that happens on 6/14/2024 (exact version number TBD) at which time upgrading to that version or any newer versions will be a breaking change.

Follow the instructions on the Getting Started page in order to update your existing port forwards (Kube) and URLs you're using to call the public API server.