New options for Non-Breaking Schema Updates

When Non-Breaking Schema Updates are detected for the source of the connection, users can now choose to either 1) ignore the changes, 2) disable_connection which will pause all scheduled syncs, 3) propagate_columns which will propagate column changes only, or 4) propagate_fully which will propagate all changes. More details available in API doc section here

Terraform Provider for Airbyte API

We released our official Terraform Provider for Airbyte Cloud! We will also make this available to OSS and Self-Hosted Enterprise in Q3. Learn more about our Terraform Provider here & here.


Update All The Things!

PATCH & PUT requests are now available for Sources, Destinations, Connections & Workspaces!


SDKs for Java & Python

SDKs in Java & Python are now available for the Airbyte API!



We have introduced a new endpoint: "Get streams properties" for listing possible streams and sync modes for a specific source/destination pairing.


Connection Configuration & Streams

Connections can now be created with customized settings, rather than only default settings. This means you’ll be able to pick and choose streams and their sync modes at time of connection creation.


Bring Your Own Credentials

Added an endpoint to allow you to submit your own workspace-level OAuth source credential overrides. This enables you to "bring your own credentials" and create OAuth sources. Learn more in our guide: Creating OAuth Sources


List All The Things!

Through the API, users can now List Sources, List Destinations, List Connections & List Workspaces!


Create Workspaces

Endpoints available for Creating Workspaces! This is especially helpful for those with Powered by Airbyte use case.


Create Sources, Connections, Destinations

API endpoints added for Creating Connections, Creating Destinations & Creating Sources (including OAuth!)