The method for authentication differs slightly between Airbyte Cloud and OSS

Airbyte Cloud Users


If you're looking for information on the API keys from, please see this page: deprecation

To create an Application, head to your Airbyte workspace and go to Settings -> Applications.

You should be able to create an Application which will give you a client ID and client secret. You can use the button in the UI to generate an access token to do a quick test or use the client ID/client secret to retrieve an access token from the /v1/applications/token endpoint. These tokens are short lived (default 3 minutes) so we recommend fetching a new token before each request.


User Association

Applications created via the settings page are associated with the user you log in as. That means the user you're logged in as when you create an Application dictates what permissions you'll have when interacting with the Airbyte API once you've generated your access token and are using that to make requests.

Airbyte OSS Users

If you use the Airbyte API in OSS, you can use the credentials set for your UI instance. To do this, you should use the Basic authentication, with the username and password separated by a colon and Base64 encoded like the following:

curl --location --request \
GET '' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic YWlyYnl0ZTpwYXNzd29yZA=='