This endpoint executes a Full overwrite of all property fields in the Destination configuration, using the values from the API request. Partial Overwrites should be done with the PATCH operation.

For any fields marked as airbyte_secret: true in the connector specification, you should pass a value of "**********" so the secrets are carried forward as they won't be returned as part of a GET response.


  "credentials": {
    "client_id": "**********",
    "client_secret": "**********",
    "refresh_token": "**********"
  "other_configuration": "value",


Updating secret fields

If you're using your own OAuth credentials, it's possible you'll need to make updates to a secret field like a refresh token. In that case, using this PUT operation will allow you to make those updates, but be aware that those values will still not be returned to you in a GET response and if you aren't using OAuth Credential Overrides, your source will no longer function.

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