Standalone Server Deprecation and Migration to Airbyte Server

Published May 2, 2024


This is pertinent ONLY to OSS users accessing the Airbyte API and not using an ingress controller to do so.


We’re deprecating the standalone Airbyte API server and moving the routes into the Airbyte server. This will allow us to increase reliability (no more cross server HTTP calls) as well as decrease Airbyte’s deployment footprint. You are already able to access the Airbyte API directly from the Airbyte server and all Airbyte API updates going forward will be made to that version of the API.

There were two server containers running previously - the airbyte-server where the config API lives, and the airbyte-api-server where the Airbyte API (public API) lives. The airbyte-server is remaining and the airbyte-api-server is going away.

Note this is separate from the deprecation of the Config API. It will only merge the Airbyte API into the Config API server such that we no longer have to deploy multiple servers to support both the Config and Airbyte APIs. Anything (including Airflow operators) that are already using the Config API will continue to work.

Migration Steps

You should only migrate when on v0.59.1 of the Airbyte platform or higher. Enterprise users do not need to migrate as access is handled through an ingress controller..

OSS users using the airbyte-api-server need to migrate their API calls to reference the airbyte_server. If you were using the Airbyte API, you will have to update callers to point to airbyte-server/api/public as the base URL. Anything already pointing to the airbyte-server needs no change.

For example, an API call localhost:8006/v1/workspaces must be migrated to: localhost:8001/api/public/v1/workspaces

The airbyte-api-serverservice will be deprecated on July 19. Swap over to the new URLs before upgrading to releases created after that date.

You do not need to wait until July 19th to access the new endpoints (airbyte-server). Update your applications now to ensure seamless integration with future releases.