List the available streams, and their sync modes, for a specific source/destination pairing.

To refresh source schema, call this endpoint with ignoreCache set to false.

The return object will be a list of streams. A single stream will include:

  • Stream Name: The raw table name from your source.
  • Valid Sync Modes: How data will be replicated from source to destination. More info here.
  • Source Defined Cursor Field: Boolean value stating if a source defined cursor field exists. If so, you may not edit the cursor field for this stream.
  • [Optional] Default Cursor: A cursor is the value used to track whether a record should be replicated in an incremental sync.
  • [Optional] Source Defined Primary Key: A primary key is one or multiple (called composite primary keys) fields or columns that are used to identify the unique entities of a table. If there is a source defined primary key, you may not supply your own when configuring the connection. This is only used when a connection is set to the sync mode: incremental_deduped_history.
  • Property Fields: List of properties for that stream, which may be used to help select cursor fields or primary keys.

The sourceId field is required, but destinationId is not. You can discover these by using the endpoints for List Sources and List Destinations. Alternatively, these can also be found in the address bar of the Airbyte UI.

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